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Aje Insider: Zinnia Kumar

The embodiment of strength, activism, and environmental consciousness.

In collaboration with UK artist, Numan Khan.

Introducing Zinnia Kumar: model, thinker, ecologist, and advocate.


The visionary wears the latest looks from Pre-Fall 24 ‘Linea’ as she celebrates innovation, creativity and the magic that sits between fashion and technology.


A harmony of AI and traditional art form, the campaign juxtaposes organic shapes with abstract structures, paying homage to the geometric minimalism of the muse and inspiration of Pre-Fall 24 ‘Linea’, Italian architect and designer Cini Boeri.


Incorporating a fresh and modern colour palette, the collaboration is a practice of augmentation, not replacement. Simultaneously looking forward and inward, we explore the commonalities and possibilities that reside between the lines.


Where digital meets reality, where then meets now, discover the campaign as captured through the lens of Hannah Scott Stevenson.

Outline Denim Mini Dress and Outline Denim Midi Skirt (Coming Soon)

Cavetto Blouson Cardigan (Coming Soon), Isobel Split Hem Pant and Alia High Boot

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